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"You are my today & all of my tomorrows."

A Wedding Day is one of the most memorable and important day of a couples life. It is a new adventure and beginning with that special someone. A very personal and intimate affair and finding the right planner is a key factor to ensuring a smooth and joyful planning process. 

Maxine Andrea Events offers a modern approach to wedding planning, personal to you. Delivering a full service support, Maxine is involved in all aspects of a wedding, from sound and lighting to menu choice, guest favors, logistics, scheduling, as well as accomodation bookings and budget management.


Maxine guides couples through each stage of the wedding planning and styling process and she loves to create weddings that suits her client’s unique style preferences.


Maxine looks at the location, the environment, the people, and your story. She believes that simplicity is the key note of true elegance and her focus is always on quality and creating that memorable experience. 

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