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Floral Design 

Inspired to develop her love and hobby for flower arranging, Maxine began to experiment with the idea of floral design.


Always a passionate lover of nature and flowers of all kinds, Maxine has decided to take her flower arranging love and hobby to the next level by incorporating floral design into her portfolio.


Maxine creates unique one - of - kind floral designs for all event types. Her style is centred on garden inspired florals with the modern old world touch (Modern - day reinterpretation of old school knowledge) - Lush, abundant and organic whilst natural, refined and effortless elegance. 

Using exclusive materials such as vintage vase pieces, custom made silk and velvet ribbons for bridal florals and a combination of locally grown and imported special flower varieties - a floral composition by Maxine Andrea becomes a work of art in itself.


"Flower arranging is an artistic medium, the skilled practice of showcasing some of the most beautiful gifts of nature, appreciated by those who see them not only for their beauty, but also their power to evoke emotion. We believe, like any art form, that the best flower arrangements are not purely decorative, but also evocative, they speak of the season, the place they came from, the hands that nurtured them." - Aesme flowers.

For your own personalized florals at your next event, please fill out our form here.


All requests are responded within a few days to schedule an appointment either in person or via skype with Maxine herself. Once the meeting has taken place, an offer will be presented accordingly.  

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