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“The best thing about making them.” 

Dear Maxine, I have to say that my birthday was an absolute delight to have this year and it would not have been possible without you! I really appreciate your attention to detail and as I said before, your sense of taste and style - if only the birthday could have gone on for many more days!! It was truly my pleasure to work with you - you made it a beautiful party to celebrate in an otherwise bizarre year - for sure many of the guests needed a special night, a little magical change of pace and they definitely got it! - Claudia , Birthday Party (US,Hungary) - September, 2020. 

Dear Maxine, I would like to thank you one more time for the great orginization of our weekend in Budapest. It went very smoothly. It was grand but laid back. One guest told me that the parties were amazing but totally unpretentious at the same time - just how I like it! I believe all guests really appreciated it. Clarina said it was the most amazing 50th birthday she could have imagined, so I believe you have reached the goal!! JC, 50th Birthday Party (Switzerland) - December, 2019. 

Dear Maxine, Thank you so much for your impecable art! Your caring attitude, kindness, and attention made the wedding itself and the preparation process an experience of a lifetime! I cannot emphasize enough how glad we are that we found you, it was truly our luck! - Maryna & Arthur, Wedding Floral Clients (Ukraine, Hungary) - September, 2019. 

“Just arrived home with a lot of great memories and a beautiful family day that will stay in our minds always! Thank you for all you have done to succeed this day for us. ”- Cliff, Private Birthday Party (Switzerland, Hungary) - June, 2019.

“Maxine, Thank you for your professionalism, your great job done, and for being patient with us. It was harmonious working on this event with you. I am a very detailed person and have found you to be the same too. You've been so patient along the process and taking your time to understand our needs and address them professionally. ”- Sophie, Christening (Switzerland) - June, 2019.

“Maxine, I want to once again thank you for your great efforts in making IWC18 such a success!”- Felix Moons, Corporate Client, Marketing & Export Area Manager at Inovet - September, 2018.

Maxine, thank you again for all your hard work. You went beyond what we imagined and It was more than we could have dreamed of. - Bryan & Josefine, Wedding Clients (Canada, Norway) - September, 2018. 

“Maxine, I never imagined that my wedding would be anything what we had over the weekend. I am so incredibly over the moon that I am looking for the right words to express how touched I am about all the work, the efforts that came from your heart.We would like to express our eternal gratefulness for an unforgettable joyous and amazingly executed event!” - Gregg & Kati, Wedding Clients (US, Hungary) - June, 2018. 

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