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The Kitchen Caters


The Kitchen Caters was born under the umbrella of Kempinski catering and offers a more modern, stylish and hip catering experience and service with their profesional team. 

Visit their website here 


Zsidai Group

Dedicating a life's passion to gastronomy. 

For decades, Zsidai Group has made it their goal to revive Hungarian cuisine and restore its glorious, pre-war reputation - a thrilling era when world renowned Károly Gundel and Auguste Escoffier were colleagues. 

With over 20 years of dedicated work to creating their empire in hospitality, Zsidai Group boasts a portfolio of 12 successful restaurants, cafés, terraces and 2 boutique hotels. 

Their outstanding success resonates in their event catering and no event is complete without them on board. 

Visit their website here

Terra Catering 

Bringing a Michelin star to your table

Terra catering is led by Executive Chef Mario Tóth who has his origins in Brazil and brings with him a strong Michelin star background preparing breath-taking designs with uncompromising quality on every single plate.


Offering the largest tableware selection in Hungary from high-end porcelain to rustic chic and elegant options, Terra catering is a dining experience your guests will not forget! 

Visit their website here


Boutiq' Bar

"Shaken, not stirred."

Regarded as one of the best cocktail bars in Hungary for their innovative and hand crafted cocktail creations, Boutiq' Bar offers a whole new experience for your drinks menu. 

Visit their website here

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