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Nora Sarman

Magical Romance

Nora Sarman was born to a dynasty of bridal salon owners in a Central-European gemstone, Budapest, Hungary, where she designs her bridal and evening gowns.


Only a few pieces are manufactured of each model, and she has an active role in the whole process whenever a dress is made – her presence and devotion make her creations truly unique. She uses classic materials of high quality: tulle made from Italian silk, organza,
muslin, and her trademark French lace all make her gowns exceptional and immensely romantic.


In her collections, she rediscovers femininity through the heroines of myths,legends,and artworks. Her dresses are as mysterious as a fairytale.

Visit her website here 

Diora Salon

For Brides full of Dreams

Diora Salon is full of dreamy wedding gowns that will make you go "oohh! ahhh!" 

You must make an appointment before going and make sure to bring your bride team! 

Visit their website here

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